My research interfaces electrochemistry, microelectronics, advanced characterizations and manufacturing through materials innovations. I am currently a postdoc scholar with Prof. Yi Cui in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Stanford University, focusing on developing emerging solid-state electrolytes for high performance and intrinsically safe energy storage systems. I obtained my Ph.D. with Prof. Liangbing Hu in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Maryland, College Park, where my research focused on manipulating and understanding the interactions of ions, electrons, photons and phonons in various materials systems for renewable energy applications.

Research Focuses

Energy Storage
& Devices
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Research Summary

Dynamic research:

  • Fundamental understanding

   (Advanced Characterizations) 

  • Materials Realizations

   (Advanced Manufacturing)

  • Energy & Electronics  

​   (Applications)


My recent work titled "A Fireproof, Lightweight, Polymer−Polymer Solid-State Electrolyte  for Safe Lithium Batteries" just went online in Nano Letters, 2020.

Press Release

"Fireproof, lightweight solid electrolyte for safer lithium-ion batteries"

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